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Exam & X-Ray

Prevention is the first line of defense against oral health problems. Patients should get an exam and cleaning every 6 months 

X-Rays are an essential, valuable tool and may be a necessary part of your dental treatment. They help your dentist find hidden problems that ultimately can affect not only your teeth but your general health as well. X-rays can provide early detection of conditions such as small cavities between teeth, abscesses, cysts, and tumors. Solutions can be carried out before serious damage occurs to your teeth, gums and supporting bone.


There’s little reason for patients to be concerned about x-ray examinations. To ensure your maximum safety, we use the most modern digital methods, safeguards and precautions. Digital sensors, filters to minimize exposure, restricted beams, shielded open-ended cones (to limit scattered radiation), precise timers (to reduce the length of exposure) and lead aprons are some of the precautions that will be taken.

You can help to keep down both the risks and costs of dental x-rays by cooperating with your dentist. Tell your dentist if you are pregnant or have any medical condition that has changed since your last visit. Dental x-rays are an important method by which your dentist maintains your dental health.

At our office we give special attention to using x-rays in a safe, responsible manner. Give us call at (209) 367-0700  if have any questions.

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